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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Malaysia Delayed

Dear Tigger fans,

We apologise for the break in service. Due to unforseen circumstances TiggerTours has been deemed subversive, and cannot be updated from our current location.

But (thanks to the power of the internet) Rich has simply emailed the photos and words to his lovely sister Jen, who has kindly performed the update for us!

We last left you before our short stay in Brunei, close to the stunning Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque.

Then a short hop back to Peninsular Malaysia, to patiently await our guests for two weeks in Malaysia.

Introducing the extended Team Tiger, sporting numerous Visit Malaysia items - [left to right] Neen, Janette (Neen's mum), Tigger Williams, Rich, Poppy (Neen's sister), and of course Tigger Lee.

We took in a little sightseeing in Kuala Lumpur, including the Petronas Towers...

...and a beautiful butterfly garden...

...naturally mingled with an appropriate amount of shopping, in South-East Asia's largest mall.

Then, abandoning all comfort, we launched ourselves head-first into the jungle of Taman Negara.

A long riverboat ride through thick rainforest with monkeys and otters (and possibly a croc?) watching us from the sides.

Bravely we shuffled across the Canopy Walkway, a rickety system of planks and ropes suspended 120 feet above the jungle floor...

...whilst back in our huts, an army of giant ants carried away all of our precious snacks.

From there we travelled over rail, road and sea to the clear waters and white beaches of Pulau Perhentian Besar (translation - island which is big and a good place to stop).

And during our snorkelling excursions, we found Nemo.

Back on the mainland we took in a cultural performance in Kota Bharu, with coconut drummers pounding out mesmerising rhythms...

...and Rich making a total fool of himself in a traditional dance display.

With our guests heading back to rainy Wales, we spent our last week in Malaysia in the city of Melaka, where the pristine preservation of the colonial buildings contrasts with the crumbling shophouses of Chinatown.

And Tigger made good friends with Carl, our bicycle-rickshaw driver and guide.

That about wraps it up for our time in Malaysia, but (pending internet restrictions) we will update from China as often as we can.

Loads of love,
Team Tiger.

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Crys said...

Aye... I'd forgotten about the blog block. NO FREE SPEECH! My sister (in Shanghai) couldn't even look at my blog..... sad. Yay for sister's help though :) Glad you two are doin' fine. Got your email! Sending postcard soon :)