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Thursday, March 29, 2007

New Zealand Roadtrip Maps

Dear loyal readers,

With the roadtrip completed it's high time we showed you where we've been for the last four months, and exactly how we managed to rack up 8,500kms...

We finally got around to making our routemaps public, so now you can make sense of the pictures and placenames we've been bombarding you with.

North Island route: [click to enlarge]

South Island route: [click to enlarge]

Team Tiger

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Back in the real world...

Hello friends,

It's been a while (yet again) since we filled you in on our goings-on. Our NZ road trip is over and we've settled into a flat in Wellington and found jobs. End of fun weblog, you say? Not so! We've still got plenty of stuff to show you...

We continue our story somewhere in the South Island, by a lake named Tekapo.

A small church beside electric blue waters, with the stunning backdrop of the Southern Alps.

Quite an impressive view from the altar too.

Further up the east coast, we stopped in Kaikoura where the South Pacific teems with dolphins and whales (of which we saw none).

Still, rather pretty there. And we had a mean fish sandwich.

Leaping across the Cook Straight to the North Island, we saw the mighty volcano Taranaki.

Which was en route to Auckland to sell Billy the Van (sob). By which time Rich's beard and hair were this big:

Tigs passed on the baton of van ownership to a fine young insectivore called Hedgey...

...and Hedgey's chauffeurs Ellie and Jon.

Tigger struck up a friendship with a blue penguin (imaginatively) named Bluey.

He was also caught napping with a young holiday-maker in Wellington, baby Beth...

...although Beth's buddy Donkey got on considerably better with M. Lapin (similar ears, perhaps).

Onto the wildlife update -

This month we have mostly been charmed with (then kept awake by) the strange song of the Bellbird in the Peel Forest.

In Akaroa, near Christchurch, we took an afternoon's swim with dozens of Hector's Dolphins (the world's smallest and rarest).

And we finally caught up with the nation's favourite, a Spotted Kiwi.

Last but not least, and fulfilling the plant section of the flora and fauna section, we would like to introduce our new team member and flatmate Justin.

That's all for the moment but keep your eyes peeled for exciting pictures of our flat, and maybe even our new offices (ooooh!).

Rich, Neen, Tigs, M. Lapin & Justin